US, Medford (Wisconsin)

In the village of Medford (Wisconsin, US), dutch minkbreeder Bas van Ansem has taken over a minkfarm. This is the latest expension of the Van Ansem family. The family Leeijen from Holland is also active in the US, using the  name Lion Farms. More information on these two biggest minkfarmers, you will find below:


Van Ansem

Father van  Ansem started the company in the 60’s with a minkfarm in the dutch village Milheeze, Netherlands. In ’86 he bought a farm in the Rips, to breed minks as well. His sons Twan, Eric and John have prosecuted the company in Belgium, Poland and Latvia.



The brothers Pierre and Rien Leeijen were listed in the Quote 500 of 2013, a dutch magazine listing the richest inhabitants of Holland, with an estimated capital of 90 million. They are probably the larges mink breeding company in the world, with at least 15 mink farms. In Poland alone the brothers own 8 mink farms, another 2 are located in Lithuania and at least one is located in the Netherlands. They even expanded their territory to the US with their company Lion Farms.  Their tactic is to buy small mink farms in country’s like Poland and expend them. They use strawmen to avoid local laws and juristiction. Besides the mink farms they also do bussiness in real estate, argicultural vehicles and mink farm equipment and mink food. They use bussiness-names like Farm Equipment International, Rolpi en Pol Rol. One of their known bussiness associates is Monica Bozena Crstowka, the wife of Rien Leeijen.

Pierre Johannes Justinus Caspar Leeijen (1971)
Justinus Leonardus Joseph (Rien) Leeijen  (1959)

Rien’s daughter Anne Leeijen also works within the Leeijen group. She is focussed on the fashion side of fur. Her brother Merijn rents out campers within the family conglomerate.