Poland, Goleniow

Owned by: JoNi Mink Van Ansem

Adress: Zdzary 1 ,  Goleniow, polen
Date of establishment: 9-2-2015
Autorhorized: Johannes Martinus Theodorus Maria (John) van Ansem (1969), Nicolaas Wilhelmus Johannes Maria (Twan)  van Ansem (1966)
Opmerkingen: This is the home address of John van Ansem. John together with his oldest brother Twan is inscribed for the companies in Poland. JoNi mink farm refers to the first letters of their baptismal names Johannes and Nicolaas.

General info: Father van Ansem started the company in the 60’s with a minkfarm in the dutch village Milheeze. In ’86 he bought a farm in the Rips, to breed minks as well. His sons Twan, Eric and John have prosecuted the company in Belgium, Poland and Latvia. The son of Twan, Bas, has recently build a farm in Medford (Wisconsin), USA.