Spreading the campaign posterPoster_AntiBont

Please put up a poster at your work, school, football-canteen, library, wherever. You can either print it yourself:


or order one by emailing your address to us:



Support investigations

With a small donation, you can support Ongehoord in bringing animal suffering in the open. Because we don’t want to spent your donation on paying-systems, we don’t have a direct debit option nor ideal. Please arrange a monthly donation to

IBAN NL15INGB 0005125909 tnv Ongehoord te Amsterdam.

You can also use paypal to support our investigation:

Ongehoord works with volunteers only, we have no paid staff or expensive office. We will use your contribution for investigation only. The investigation team needs eg:Travel expensespetrol: 80,00 per visitCartax/insurance 60,00 per monthGearFast laptop for editing video 950,00Rechargeble batteries: € 25,-Hard-disk: € 80,-

New photocamera: € 1200,-